In 2016 I was asked to create Timelapse footage for a commercial that Velocity Films director, Adrian De Sa Garces made for the investment company, Stanlib. You can spot the footage in the official Stanlib commercial here:

It is also featured below:


Timelapse documentation of a performance by Artist, Katherine Bull at The Smith Studio Gallery, in Cape Town on 2 Feb 2017. You can find more of Katherine's Work on her website:


Little Lego Boxes, 2014 'Little Lego Boxes' is a stop motion video that comments on architecture, housing developments and taste. I used Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye from Lego's Architecture series, and reversed the stop motion so that it looks like it is decomposing. During the video's duration, the narrative is paired along with Malvina Reynolds' song, 'Little Boxes'. The song further comments on society and repetitive housing developments in a 21st century society. Architecture crumbles from its once, complex design and construction, to eventually end in a simple, ready made and redundant development. Made with around 1500 stills shot with Nikon D3100 Edited with iMovie and Final Cut Pro.